Who we are

As a holding company we do not oversee the day-to-day activities of the subsidiaries under the LexHolding banner. Instead, LexHolding encourages each company to establish an independent and self-sustaining management team.

LexHolding Co. is dedicated to seeking investment opportunities with high growth potential and limited risk.

As a holding company we are able to streamline the decision making process and apply our experienced-based knowledge to best suit the marketplace within each company’s place of business.

LexHolding’s executive team collaborates to find efficacies within the manufacturing and distribution industry and develops strategic partnerships to help further the Corporation’s objectives.


  • Develop specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timeline goals for each subsidiary under the LexHolding banner.
  • Apply our investment strategy to add value to underperforming or mismanaged assets with limited risk.
  • Continuously improve our current assets with a distinct focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Forecast market trends and adapt to a constantly changing marketplace in order to find efficacies within the manufacturing and distribution industry.
  • Seek technological advancements to help reduce waste and manage inventory.
  • Measure performance compared to national and international averages.
  • Build and maintain strategic partnerships with companies in similar industries to entice collaborative growth and shared profit.

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